As with each of the commercial real estate services offered by our firm, we know that the value of our work product ultimately depends on a high level of personal integrity and sound professional competence.

We continue to engage with carefully selected professionals in related fields beyond our expertise, including real estate law, accounting, appraising, commercial real estate development, architecture, space planning, engineering, contracting, urban planning, government and technology.

DeLaVergne & Company specializes in the following services:

Tenant Representation

We draw upon our considerable familiarity with the local market to:
  • connect with the appropriate facilities and provide lease negotiation on behalf of our clients who seek office, industrial or warehouse space
  • evaluate all lease proposals and negotiate on your behalf
  • ensure all business points of the lease are equal to, or better than, existing market conditions — including the savvy detection of one-sided clauses, loopholes or even mistakes that favor the landlord and negatively impact our clients’ bottom line

Commercial Property Acquisition

When entrusted with the responsibility for acquiring real property, we:
  • determine whether our client is a user, investor or both
  • learn the primary purpose of your acquisition
  • recognize the difference between price and value
  • understand our clients’ business and location/infrastructure requirements
  • provide critical market analysis, financial analysis and decision analysis
  • lead the way through complex real property negotiations

Commercial Property Disposition

When engaged to sell property, we:
  • determine our client’s motivation for selling — and whether they must sell, or merely desire to sell.
  • take considerable time to completely understand the characteristics of the property being sold
  • compose a profile of the most probably buyer
  • sell our clients’ real estate assets for the highest price, in the shortest possible time, while conserving marketing time and expense
  • handle each client’s transaction as if it were our own

Advisory and Consulting Services

At DeLaVergne & Company, the cornerstones of our advisory and counseling practice are:
  • independence of action
  • objectivity in analysis
  • recognition of our fiduciary responsibility to our clients
At DeLaVergne & Company, the cornerstones of our advisory and counseling practice are:
  • market value analysis
  • location analysis
  • investment analysis
  • highest and best use analysis
  • commercial lease analysis
  • lease vs. buy analysis
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